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Binge Drinking vs Moderate Drinking

November 9, 2015


Difference between moderate and binge drinking, effects on the body, liver and health

The Meeting – The Agreement – The New Life

September 21, 2015


The Meeting - The New Life is a discussion of being retrenched from work and starting a new life with greater happiness and life positivity

Bierfesten – Euro Beer Tour – The Spa Baths of Budapest

October 18, 2012


previous post So the beer tour of Hungary was definitely not too intensive, though found some fun and interesting beer spots, but its definitely not on the map for world beer cities. The reason to come here is to have a few days going to the spa baths that are all over the city. If […]

Are you a Fat Craft Beer Drinker? The Beer Detox – Yes It Works

August 1, 2011


In 3 Weeks you can get your cholesterol & liver count down as it happened to me without too much effort. So yes you do have to stop drinking Beer & Wine for a large portion of the time, but not 100% as all you are basically trying to do is give your liver a […]

Are you a Fat Craft Beer Drinker ? How to Detox..

July 10, 2011


So this post is less about Beer and More about thoughts on the experience of a brief detox from the magical substance of alcohol. After the previous post Are you a Fat Craft Beer Drinker I definitely changed my methods in how I changed my diet and exercise. It did take some medical tests in […]

Are you a Fat Craft Beer Drinker ?

June 30, 2011


Lets face it many people involved in the beer scene whether brewers, drinkers, associates, legends, or whatever you call them the majority are FAT. Beer is a very fattening habit / hobby or what have you and we’re all aware of it, but think we’ll deal with the consequences later, well I’m 37 now and […]

After 6 Months Back in Australia – Craft Beer Break..

June 23, 2011


It occurred to me recently that I haven’t been updating my crap blog with random beer adventures, especially since my last trip out of Aus to California. That 3 weeks went very quickly, but so has this last 6 months in Australia dealing with the very different beer scene in Sydney. Major Differences between US […]