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Craft Beer across the Ditch – Wellington Adventure

August 11, 2013


Having traveled all over the world I can now say I’m in a truly great young beer city. Wellington New Zealand. This was my first NZ beer festival and one that I can safely say is one of the nice low key ones on the world stage right. There is a lot more potential with […]

Craft Beer Week – Coming Soon to a town near you..

November 24, 2012


I remember meeting Joe 6pack at a book signing at GABF back in 2009 which was the last year I attended that great event. I think its too large for me to attend now so I will live vicariously through others. At the time Philly Beer Week was the first in the nation to run […]

Beer Festivals – What Makes them ?

October 10, 2012


Given that is Beer Festival Month globally why not a post on what I like with beer festivals. We have had Oktoberfest occur in Munich in September and finishing last week, and we have GABF happening in Denver this weekend. I am going over to Europe and will attend a festival outside Brussels on the […]

Pumped up for Craft Brewers Conference 2011

March 23, 2011


SO having written a POST that would not send or work on WordPress this has been sitting on my computer.. so I have now survived a 13 hour trip from Sydney to San Francisco all in the name of BEER. Immigration asked me ‘Purpose of the trip’ and I had to respond ‘To Drink Beer […]

Taphouse Summer Beer Fest Success..

February 17, 2011


Without doubt the biggest event I have been to in Sydney was at the Darlinghurst Taphouse on February 12th. With a packed house on all three floors it seemed like I wasn’t the only one that had heard about this event.  Arriving about 4’ish it really wasn’t a problem attaining the special beers, and even […]

Harts BrewPub Sydney – 2011 Brewers Fest Roundup

February 8, 2011


This is the first festival that I have attended in Sydney at Harts Pub, but def not the first time I have attended the pub for beers. This festival was quite short notice, it was only the cook mentioning it too me a week back while there at Thursday happy happy, which is the coolest […]

Advice to All Beer Nerds – Travel..

December 30, 2010


So it has been a year since I first started this blog, and the shout out goes to Daubin in Toronto for getting me onto this entertaining brain release of writing about something I’m passionate about.  Sometimes others find it interesting, and other times they find it complete crap, and that is what blogging is […]