Top Beer & Rugby Nations – Updated

September 21, 2015


Rugby World cup 201513-050228

Now with some time before the next game starts I thought I would analyse the strength of “GOOD” beer in countries that are participating in the 2015 Rugby World Cup. This post has “NOTHING” to do with actual data analytics and is purely a ridiculous opinion piece based on multiple countries that I have never […]

ABInbev to Swallow SABMiller

September 17, 2015



How big is big? or how much beer is being sold globally ? Well according to Bloomberg this In short so you don’t have to read anything else, here is a simple version of what this means for the global beer market. “The acquisition of SABMiller would be the biggest in the industry’s history and cap […]

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Current State of Craft Beer in Australia & New Zealand ?

August 18, 2013


Taps on Malthouse

“Why aren’t there more Aussie Craft Brewers here? “ was a question I was asked frequently on a recent trip to NZ.   It made me wonder why, but also the beer crowd were curious why their big neighbours aren’t producing better beer? and why on recent trips to Melbourne and Sydney Craft beer is […]

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Craft Beer across the Ditch – Wellington Adventure

August 11, 2013


Beevana Glass

Having traveled all over the world I can now say I’m in a truly great young beer city. Wellington New Zealand. This was my first NZ beer festival and one that I can safely say is one of the nice low key ones on the world stage right. There is a lot more potential with […]

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Craft Beer – Google Searches – 6 Years of Analytics

June 15, 2013


CraftBeer Searching

In running through some analytics the other day I came across a great chart of the interest in Craft Beer through searches on Google. Several years ago I remember calling craft beer ‘Microbrewery’ beer, then it came to be ‘CraftBeer’ and whether its from a larger brewer or smaller I still consider craft beer interesting. […]

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Top Craft Beer Trends 2013 – E-Book Coming Soon

May 25, 2013


Beer Blogs Top 2012

Bierfesten Enterprises, AKA Sol is finally going to be releasing a book on Craft Beer Trends that has been several years in the making. A few colleagues of mine have been pushing me to put my often direct views on the Craft Beer Market into documents that others can read, and though the blog has […]

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Top Craft Beer Trends 2013 – Can’t We all Just Get Along ?? No ??

March 30, 2013


Breakdown of differences

Bierfesten has been off beer for the last few weeks due to a severe injury that occurred while coming home from work recently. Thankfully I survived the scare of my life, I had the fun of a having to duck under a train on the Sydney rail network when I had slipped between a train […]

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