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Top Craft Beer Trends 2013 – Can’t We all Just Get Along ?? No ??

March 30, 2013


Bierfesten has been off beer for the last few weeks due to a severe injury that occurred while coming home from work recently. Thankfully I survived the scare of my life, I had the fun of a having to duck under a train on the Sydney rail network when I had slipped between a train […]

Bierfestens – Craft Beer Website Results – October 2012

November 6, 2012


In going through my data this week I was able to pull up some greater variance measures that are quite interesting. The previous post on Analytics was about a month ago prior to my trip over to Belgium to drink beer and explore the “culture” of each country. I came back with  of beer in […]

Top 18 Craft Brewery Websites Online 2012

October 9, 2012


In keeping up to date with some blog content, I released the top beer blogs the other day, and now this is analyzing the top breweries online. I excluded the larger production Macro Breweries from these rankings, so there is subjectivity in what you or I consider large. There are not really many surprises here […]

Top 10 Beer Blogs 2012

October 8, 2012


So its been awhile since i ran some random analysis. Yeah some of my stuff has been total crap, but others i have had some good feedback on and questions. Seeing as my blog is not making me a cent, I figure its worth looking at some of the beer blogs that rate highly on […]

Trendy Craft Beer – Next Phase of Growth #TrendyCraft

August 10, 2012


Beer Terminology that I have kind of made up or developed with other beer-ophiles.. can be vague or descriptive. #TrendyCraft is one that occurred the other day. Though I have to give credit to @LilixMunster a beer chick in LA who I have never met but like all things on twitter you can have completely cool but […]

Top Beer Search Terms

April 12, 2012


So what was the top search terms that found Bierfesten in the last 12 Months ? many won’t tell you but Iwill happily based on the data provided for me in analytics. #1 Craft Beer Trends 31% Was the Winner with variations based on Craft Beer and Trends involved in finding my blog. I do […]

Beer Names – Sports Marketing RedHook ‘No Equal’ Lager

April 1, 2012


We haven’t seen a Derek Jeter Beer yet but we have seen a Frank Thomas Beer ‘Big Hurt’ released, and Gene Simmons from Kiss opening a Restaurant Bar in Los Angeles, even though he doesn’t drink.  Now we read that the Fans of Seattle Sounders get themselves a New Brew.  Sounders FC fan flavor highlighted this […]